Lemon 'n' Mint Juice

Lemon and Mint

When we think of Lemon our experience is not so friendly and when we think of mint we have automatically imagine its fascinating aroma. Combination of Lemon and mint give you exotic taste as well as healthy experience to our body. Because both are rich with important mineral which helps to promote our health.

Lemon contain natural acid which balance acid condition of our body and mint is taken as a herb which is use in medicines.

Drinking Frutina Fresh lemon 'n' mint juice every morning is good for our face, stomach and heath. It give you all the essential vitamin, minerals and nutrients which required for your body.

Benefits :-

  • Lemon and mint water juice in morning flush out toxins out of your body and restarted your system
  • It also fresher our breath
  • Also good for skin repairing
  • Help in aver all health and well being
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