Guava Juice


Guava fruit is native of South America and Portuguese brought it to India. Guava is also tropical fruit. Guava can be cultivated in any place weather humid or dry areas and also tolerate little period of cold.

Guava has a goodness that will make you crave more. Guava has good quantity of vitamin-C which is good source of improve our immunity and prevent is from infections. Guava is a house of nutrients. Guava is a protective fruit because it does not contain use of pesticides and chemicals as compare to other fruits.

Frutina Fresh guava juice promotes your health and make your great refreshment on a normal day. It also give you great health benefits with the deliciousness of guava.

Benefits :-

  • Guava is good for brains well being
  • It is also good for mind health
  • Good for controlling oil and acne on your face
  • Also help in controlling hair loss. And make your hair healthy
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